I let myself get a little lost with some cans. I like it but this was a fun practice.

There are a few things I like about this.

I really like the shapes of the saguaros. The weird arch thing is nice and what was gonna be a golden barrel has something I like about it, but wanna redo it.

I also like the red circle peaking behind the saguaro.

There are many things I know I would like to fix.

Mostly the hills and to maybe tighten up the blue lines.

I will paint over this and try something else.

The weather was nice and I had this small section of wall that needed to be painted. There were a few colors in my crate but enough to do a basic character.

After a moment, this bandit showed up and now makes a nice addition to the yard.

I'm still trying to find the right control that is needed for these finer outline caps, but I will say that finding these caps is a game changer.

Colors used: (Montana Gold)

Yesterday, was one of those days where I didn't need any convincing or prodding to move.

I've been drawing a skull often with a yellow hat that I like so much I made into stickers. I've also been drawing lines like I used to when I was in school. I wanted to combine the two concepts to see what would happen, but with the intent of it looking like my drawings.

I am very happy with how this came out.

For this, I used Montana Gold for the white and red and Montana Black for the black. The lines were done with 1-3 sized caps. I did use two 6s for filling the red and white (bones) and that fat cap is sick.

I went in not knowing how these caps would work or what I was going to do. Sure there are areas where I wish I could go in and fix, but it is what it is. With practice, I can see these mistakes as things of the past while new ones challenge me.

Getting lost in this experimentation was what I needed for a Monday.

Waking up this morning and being happy with this mural was a great feeling. Normally, I tear down my work with gusto but this one I think, "Good hustle." *slaps butt*